Committee for the State Inspection and Protection of Historic and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP) is a structural division of the Government of St. Petersburg that monitors implementation of state policy, oversees state management in the sphere of protection and use of historical and cultural monuments, and coordinates activities in this area of other territorial and other sectoral bodies of authority within the Administration of St. Petersburg.

More than 8,000 cultural heritage sites are under state protection in St. Petersburg.

KGIOP key goals and functions

  • Implementing State policy of Saint-Petersburg and exercising State control in the field of accounting, revealing, preservation, use, popularization and state protection of cultural heritage properties;
  • making protection commitments with owners and users of cultural heritage properties, specifying cultural heritage properties maintenance requirements, access conditions for citizens, procedure and terms of restoration, repair and other preservation works as well as other requirements ensuring property preservation;
  • issuing tasks and permits, approval of design documentation for performing works on cultural heritage property preservation (conservation, restoration of monument or ensemble, adaptation of cultural heritage property for modern use), works acceptance;
  • initiating legal proceedings in case of breaches of the Federal Law "On cultural heritage properties (historical and  cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation";
  • organizing and performing historical and cultural evaluation to the extent that is necessary for justification (approval) of the taken decision by Saint-Petersburg government authority which has the appropriate power in accordance with the current legislation;
  • revealing and accounting properties representing value in terms of history, archeology, architecture, town-planning, art, science and technology, aesthetics, ethnology or anthropology, social culture and recommended for inscription to the State Register of Cultural heritage properties (historical and  cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation;
  • collecting, classifying, studying and continuous storage of documents containing information on cultural heritage properties;
  • holding conferences, meetings, seminars, organizing exhibitions on questions within Committee’s competence;
  • setting up workgroups and commissions, boards, science, advisory and expert councils involving representatives of other executive authorities;
  • exercising other powers contemplated by current legislation and required for reaching Committee’s goals.


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